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The Religious Life Week, which started in 1994, is an annual event organized by the (ICLA) and held in its campus. A theme is chosen each year and speakers are invited to give a talk related to the theme. This year’s theme is MISSIO SPIRITUS: SPIRITUALITY, CHARISM AND MISSION.

Two of the Speakers, namely, FR. ANTHONY GITTINS, C.S.Sp. and SR. MARIA CIMPERMAN, RSCJ, are professors at the Catholic Theological Union (CTU) in Chicago, USA. 

Sr Maria Cimperman

 Fr Anthony Gittins
The first day of the Conference started with the Opening Prayer led by ICLA students from the Philippines.Then Fr. Samuel H. Canilang, CMF - Director of ICLA - welcomed those present and grounded them on the purpose of the Relgious Life Week. Sr. Amelia Vasquez, RSCJ - Chairperson of the Spirituality Department of ICLA - presented the Overview of this year's Religious Life Week. 

Prayer 1

 Mely VasquezFr Sammy









Tessa et alFr. Luc Mees, MDJ - Missiology Professor in ICLA - introduced Fr. Anthony Gittins, C.S.Sp. Dr. Tessa Rosana - Chairperson of the Biblical Ministry in ICLA - moderated the Open Forum and Ms. Lettie Taberdo - CARES Team Member of ICLA - served as the Emcee.   

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Fr. Anthony Gittins, C.S.Sp., a Professor Emeritus at CTU, gave a Talk on  “Do Catholics Still Believe in the Holy Spirit?”. The Outline of his presentation is as follows: 1) Introduction, 2) Faith and Facts, 3) Revelation and Religion, 4) Imagine the Holy Spirit: “Giver of Life”, “Spoke through the Prophets”, 5) Sent by the Holy Spirit, 6) By their Fruits You Shall Know Them, and 7) Conclusion.   

Tony Gittins

open forum1Lettie with name
The participants had a chance to share with their nearest neighbor through the Dyad Sharing what they found striking, challenging, disturbing, etc. This was followed by the Open Forum, which ended the first day of the Conference.
 Open Forum2
The Opening Prayer on the second day of the Conference was led by the ICLA group from Indonesia. This was followed by Dr. Tessa Rosana's Recap of the highlights of the Talk given by Fr. Anthony Gittins, CSSp on the first day. She also introduced the Speaker for the day. 
Tessa day2
audience day2d
Maria smiling
Sr. Maria Cimperman, RSCJ, an Associate Professor of Theological Ethics and Director of the Center for the Study of Consecrated Life at CTU, presented a Talk on “Deepening and Widening Our Charism(s) for the Sake of the World”. The Outline of her Talk is as follows: 1) Naming our Contexts, 2) Holy Spirit, 3) Charism: a gift of the Spirit à Charism and Charism(s) of consecrated life, 4) Spirit calling us deeply into our charism through encounters and lived vows, and 5) Charism(s) Widening for the Sake of the World. 
Maira MSOpen Forum3
The participants again had a chance to talk to their neighbor in the Dyad Sharing and an opportunity to share in plenary through the Open Forum.   
audience day2bLettie
Ms. Lettie Taberdo served as the Emcee for the second and the third days of the Conference.
The Opening Prayer was led by ICLA students from China. This was followed by a Recap of the highlights of the Talk on the second day and was given by Dr. Tessa Rosana. 
The third Speaker was supposed to be Fr. Antonio Pernia, SVD, but before the scheduled Religious Life Week, he had to fly to the US to be with his dying brother. He prepared and submitted his Talk on “Mission: Sharing the Gift of the Spirit”, which was presented with well selected visuals and texts by FR. SAMUEL H. CANILANG, CMF, the Director of ICLA. Fr. Pernia’s prepared outline consisted of the following: 1) Missio Spiritus: The Concept, 2) Missio Spiritus: The Theology (Amos Yong), 3) Missio Spiritus: Implications for the Practice of
 Mission Today, and 4) Conclusion. 

On January 15, 2018 the Religious Life Week(s) opened with a 4-day Short Course on “Missionary Discipleship in the Spirit of Pope Francis” taught by Fr. Anthony Gittins, C.S.Sp. This was followed by the 3-day Conference on Jan. 19-21. Two more Short Courses started on Jan. 22, namely, “Religious Life for the 21st Century: Creating Communities of Hope on a Global Scale” scheduled on Jan. 22-26, 8:30-11:30 AM, with Sr. Maria Cimperman, RSCJ as Professor and “Building Bridges, Creating Meeting Points of Encounter” on Jan. 22-26, 1:30-4:30 PM then Jan. 27-28, 8:30-11:30 AM and 1:30-4:30 PM, with Diana de Vallescar Palanca, PhD, Auxiliary Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Education at Universidade Portucalense, Portugal.

Short Course - Gittins


     The Religious Life Week(s) took off on January 15, 2018 with the first of three short courses or seminars and with Fr. Anthony Gittins, CSSp as the Resource Person for  the topic: "Missionary Discipleship in the Spirit of Pope Francis." 

Fr. Tony Gittins

      Born in Manchester (England) and a member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Spiritans), he was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1967. He subsequently earned M.A.s in both Linguistics and Social Anthropology, and later a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. 
    In his teaching, Fr. Gittins touches the interface between the social sciences and theological disciplines. He has taught, lectured, offered workshops or given retreats in more than thirty countries from Africa to the Pacific. 
    Fr. Gittins has also wriiten books on theological and anthropological topics, as well as on mission and spirituality.
    The Religious Life Week has two parts, namely: the 3-day Conference and the Short Courses. For this year, the three courses are on "Missionary Discipleship in the Spirit of Pope Francis" (Fr. Anthony Gittins, CSSp), "Religious Life for the 21st Century: Creating Communities of Hope on a Global Scale" (Sr. Maria Cimperman, RSCJ) and "Building Bridges, Creating Meeting Points of Encounter" (Diana de Vallescar, Ph.D).

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2018 Short Courses



4 November 2017 at 8:30AM – 12NN

Moraleda Hall, ICLA

526 Tandang Sora Ave., Culiat, Quezon City





8:30 – Welcome Address

Rev. Fr. Samuel H. Canilang, CMF

ICLA Director


8:45 – Child Sexual Abuse and Response of the Church

Rev. Fr. James Kannanthanam, CMF

PhD in OD, Licentiate in Psychology, Gregorian University, Rome;

Program Coordinator of E-learning in Safeguarding Minors, ICLA


9:45 – Child Sexual Abuse and Protection of Minors in East Asian Context

Dr. Maria Carmen Lavina

PhD in Pastoral Counselling, Loyola University, Baltimore, USA



10:40 – Snacks Break


11:00 – Religious and Priestly Formation and the Issue of Protection of Minors

Rev. Msgr. Ramon Masculino, Jr.

M.S. in Pastoral Counselling, Loyola University, Baltimore, USA

Executive Secretary, CBCP Episcopal Commission on Clergy



The Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA), in collaboration with the Centre for Child Protection (CCP) of the Gregorian University in Rome, offers an E-Learning Course on the Protection of Children.


In-campus Sessions:  12 Saturdays

Course Fee:  PhP 5,000.00

Click here for Complete Course Description






ICLA Graduates’ Reunion in China: A Time of Thanksgiving in a Season of Grace


The Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. Founded by a dynamic visionary, Fr. Domingo Moraleda, CMF in 1997, ICLA has been continually reaching out to the emergent churches in the region by offering higher education to the clergy, religious and laity in fields of Consecrated Life, Spirituality, Missiology and Biblical Ministry.

To mark this important milestone in ICLA’s history, the current Director, Fr. Sammy Canilang, CMF, thought of a different approach to the celebration. Instead of the traditional “homecoming” here on campus, he opted for an out-bound event – “the ICLA that goes forth.” The place of his choice was China since it has one of the biggest number of MA graduates throughout these 20 years, 215 all in all. Through the effective leadership of the ICLA alumni in China headed by Fr. Joseph Zhang Yulin of the Anyang Diocese and the CARES staff of ICLA, Fr. Sammy was able to fulfill this seemingly “impossible dream.”

The five-day gathering took place in the grounds of  the Retreat and Formation Center of Anyang Diocese (Jingyang Zhongxin) on September 18-22, 2017. Attending the event were 26 ICLA graduates, 4 members of the CARES team, the representative of a partner agency and the ICLA director himself. It was a privilege for the group to have the Bishop of Anyang Diocese, Most Rev. Zhang Yinlin to preside the opening Eucharistic Celebration on September 18th evening to commence the gathering of ICLA alumni in China. The Bishop inspired the attendees in his homily and welcome address to put their faith and hope in God and learn to be inclusive in their ministry. He also gave each one a meaningful souvenir- gift – his episcopal coat of arms “Duc in Altum” (Launch into the deep), which spoke to their hearts on different levels.

The daily schedule consisted in the activities reflecting the theme for each day. Day 1 New Wine in New Wineskins (Consecrated Life Today) and Prayer; Day 2 Growing in Shepherding Attitudes and Skills (Pastoral Leadership); and Day 3 Management: A Pastoral Approach. There were several opportunities for the participants to share personal and ministry updates and experiences together in small groups, dialogue with ICLA Director and the CARES team, and consult with a Spiritual Companion. Each day was punctuated with a silent community adoration followed by the Eucharistic celebration. As they enjoyed the well-prepared sumptuous meals, the attendees shared their fond memories of ICLA --- food in Manila, fun times with professors and classmates etc. etc.

In the last evening of the gathering, we altogether enjoyed a homegrown entertainment program participated by all. We were treated with many songs, dances, and a unique story telling Chinese style entitled “3 and a half.” The night ended with a meaningful Pilgrim-Dance Prayer participated by all, including the center staff and some elderly residents of the center.

The following day, the center arranged an educational tour to the National Museum of Chinese Writing – which amazed all of us of how the Chinese people have preserved and developed their script throughout the centuries. From the tour, the group proceeded to the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the scenic, Red Flag Canal (or Hongqi Qu), which is a great water project in China, being built in Taihang Mountain, where visitors can have a view of the common border of the three surrounding provinces (Henan, Hebei, and Shanxi provinces).

The whole trip to China was ICLA’s first attempt ever to gather the alumni in a country outside the Philippines to celebrate the founding anniversary of the institute. Clearly, the Lord blessed it with divine Protection, Provision, and most of all Presence of the Spirit from beginning to end. Thanks be to the One who made all these possible! Heartfelt thanks to the ICLA graduates who worked the hardest to let this happen!


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