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Laurie Brink, OP

Presence, Prophecy, and Passion: Biblical Spirituality and Apostolic Religious Life


Diarmuid O'Murchu, MSC

Living the Vows at the Margins


Angel Calvo, CMF

A Mission Experience at the Margins


20-22 January 2017, 8:00 am - 12:00 nn

Fr. Domingo Moraleda Hall


Participation Fee: PhP 1,500.00 (snacks included)

For reservations please contact: Ms. Phaying Ong

Tel. Nos. 932-0343 to 44; 932-9820





This course will foreground the process of archaeology and its relationship to biblical studies. As such, it will introduce some archaeological discoveries that have enhanced the understanding of Scripture. It will also focus on the important role of geography, not just in its physical sense but also in its theological meaning. Archaeology and geography enrich the understanding of the historical background of the Scripture. Complementing the investigation of the literary background of the Scripture, this course thus might provide us a window on how we might apply its meaning today in our world. In other words, we will explore contemporary meanings and applications that emerge from our historical and literary investigations of the bible.



We now live in a world of mass information in which people question many things they long took for granted. In religious terms, people ask many new questions and expect adult answers arising from dialogue, and not merely the traditional responses from a standard Catechism. As Religious in the 21st century, we need to develop the wisdom and skills on how to engage with such people, respectfully engaging their questions and offering them fresh perspectives on Scripture and Theology. In this way we will pose new challenges for many aspects of Church lifeā€”the type of challenges that Pope Francis himself is pioneering in recent years.  In light of his recent book, Inclusivity: A Gospel Mandate, Diarmuid O'Murchu will explore the ensuing challenges of this refounding moment for our Orders and Congregations, as well as for the Church at large.

Enrollment is now going on. For more information, please contact: Sr. Elvisa Camilion, FCJ at Tel. Nos. 932-0343 to 44; 932-9820





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