Written by Lettie Taberdo

12th Missiology Forum

Written by Fr. Mark Marbella

On November 11, 2016, the community of ICLA held the 12th Missiology Forum at the Moraleda Hall. The theme of the forum was Mercy and Compassion: The Essence of Mission in Asia. The faculty and students of ICLA, students from the University of Santo Tomas and from some religious congregations attended the forum.

The Forum opened with a doxology prepared by a group of ICLA students from the Philippines.





Fr Ante2
Fr Edgar3


Fr. Edgar Javier, SVD, Head of the Missiology Department of ICLA, delivered the welcome address. He opened for us the general situation of mission in our own hemisphere. He also served as the Master of Ceremonies.

The keynote address was delivered by Fr. Oscar Ante, OFM - a Missiology Professor in ICLA. He talked about the just concluded Year of Mercy and its application in the Asian setting. 

Situationers in three Asian countries were given by Sr. Wang Pinpin of China, Fr. Sergio Maniba of the Philippines and Fr. Ashesh Dio of Bangladesh. Sr. Wang Pinpin presented the situation of women in China. According to her, women remain one of the most vulnerable groups in that country. The full text of her presentation was published earlier in this website. Fr. Serge Maniba spoke about the situation and plight of the farmers, specifically in Antique (Southern Philippines). He emphasized that those who till the land and give us food for our table should never be neglected because we will go hungry without them. The full text of his presentation was also published earlier in this website. Fr. Ashesh Dio presented the harsh situation of the indigenous people in Bangladesh. He shared that people use religion as a whipping rod to justify abuses against those who first settled in their land. Justice should never be denied for the indigenous people because with justice comes peace.

 Pinpin1Fr Serge1Fr Dio1There were colorful ice breakers and intermission numbers performed by ICLA students from Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar.

fan dance2

fan dance3                                    

fan dance4
Indonesian song3
Indonesian song2
Indonesian song1 Myanmar1 
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Fr Edgar4
Finally, Fr. Edgar Javier thanked the students for the hard work they put into the preparation and holding of the Missiology Forum, the students who presented the situationers from China, the Philippines, Bangladesh and all those who graced the event. He ended by inviting everyone to the 13th Missiology Forum in 2017. 


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