Written by Lettie Taberdo

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On this solemnity of all the saints, we declare our faith that truly, our communion with God and with one another as believers has no boundaries – whether space or time or culture or language. The liturgy today stretches our sense of time and sense of identity as Christian people and this fills us with hope.  We are part of a bigger whole, of an immense circle of holiness that we cannot even imagine now. Multitudes in the past, in the present, and in the years to come are mystically joined together, sharing a common salvation story in Christ, our Savior.  

In ICLA, we remember on this very day, the 8th anniversary of Fr. Domingo Moraleda’s tragic death on the road in 2008.

As the Founder and First Director of ICLA, he was a great visionary and missionary. He was man who was moved by compassion, and for that reason, he was always on the move. His burning passion was to gather together in this institute many religious men and women and laity from different Asian countries that they may receive higher education and experience transformation in Christ for mission in this region.

Despite his many imperfections, the message of his life was loud and clear: first, great faith in God and energy for the mission; and second, big, compassionate, generous and caring heart for people, especially for the ICLA community. People experienced him as both a fathering and mothering director. His love was felt, and it was so strong!

 Our being here today is a fruit of his many dreams, hard work, travels and prayers.The Moraleda legacies of self-sacrifice for mission, tender – mercy and vibrant community spirit continue to live on in this place, and will always be the hallmarks of ICLA education. To these we will commit.

Fr. Moraleda, pray for us in a special way as we continue our retreat.May God grant all of us the grace of awakening to who we truly are in God’s sight – already blessed and beloved daughters and sons of the Merciful One, whom you now behold, face to face.  

Prepared by Ms. Menchie Rojas

Fr Moraleda and Dianne

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