Written by Jessie T. de Guzman

The ICLA Staff had Strategic Planning at Maryridge, Tagaytay City last April 6-8, 2015. This was facilitated by Fr. Jonathan Bitoy, CMF. The last Strategic Planning was done in April 2012 that resulted in the crafting of the Vision-Mission-Objectives of the Institute. It was agreed in 2012 that the V-M-O be revisited after three years.

Those who participated in this year’s Strategic Planning were six laywomen (Eisen Villanueva, Floren Ladic, Lettie Taberdo, Menchie Rojas, Susan Mozo, and Tessa Rosana); two sisters (Sr. Amelia Vasquez, RSCJ and Sr. Elvira Camilion, FCJ); and three priests (Fr. Edgar Javier, SVD; Fr. Jonathan Bitoy, CMF; and Fr. Samuel Canilang, CMF).

Group 2

Each day started with an Opening Prayer. There was also a daily Eucharistic Celebration. Fr. Bitoy followed the Awareness, Baseline information, Compelling vision, and Down-to-work (ABCD) approach. The first day was devoted to Awareness and Baseline information while the second day was spent in looking at the Compelling visions of ICLA and Down-to-Work sessions to come up with Strategies and Plans. The third day (half-day) was for reflection on the experience of the first two days.

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Three groups were formed for the sharing/discussion, namely: Academics, Administration/Governance, and C.A.R.E.S. (Center for Accompaniment, Renewal, and Empowerment of Students). It has to be noted, however, that some of those present were in reality involved in all the three areas but had to be in one group all throughout the strategic planning.

One of the main recommendations discussed during the planning is the addition of a Propaedeutic (preliminary or introductory) Program to better equip the students with the necessary tools and knowledge to prepare them for their masteral course. It is hoped that this program will start in the Academic Year 2016-2017.


Some of the reflections shared on the third day are as follows:

•The Strategic Planning was an experience of companionship, teamwork, camaraderie, and cooperation.

It was an experience of grace in abundance.

It was a privileged moment of learning from each other as brothers and sisters whatever our positions are.

There was a smooth flow of communication and freedom to share one’s feelings, experiences, and thoughts.

It gave a better understanding of what ICLA is as an academic school (St. Anthony Mary Claret College) and as an Institute.

ICLA has gone a long way. Now is a high point for ICLA… a privileged moment. How do we sustain it?

There is a convergence of people with a sense of mission and dedication.

The role of Claretians is very vital; the leadership of the Congregation is very important. There is a need for a stronger commitment from the Congregation to nurture/sustain ICLA. 

“Small is beautiful.” The Institute has a good chance to flourish because of its smallness. ICLA is small but big enough to make a difference.

We are guided by the Holy Spirit.

The way Fr. Jonathan facilitated was appreciated. It was flexible. He allowed free-flowing conversation and was able to bring it back to the task at hand.

There is a better understanding of one’s role and a greater appreciation of the contribution of others.

There’s a feeling of gladness to be part of the community to serve the students.

It gives a sense of fulfillment to see students who are well motivated.

The expectation was to come up with a time-frame for the tasks to be done. It is hoped that this will not be forgotten.