Written by Jessie T. de Guzman

Introduction of Sandra Schneiders, IHM

By Tessa B. Rosana, Ph.D

To add to the Pope Francis’ quotes from yesterday is his encouragement for people to “create a culture of encounter.” I think Religious Life Week is one such kind of encounter—in fact, not just a culture of encounter but an encounter of cultures. And the nature of ICLA itself as an institute is a “culture of encounter” theologically, spiritually and pastorally.

Inviting Sandra Schneiders (and the other speakers as well) is another way of creating that “culture of encounter”--  a mutual encounter of the North American West and Asia particularly the Philippines.

If Fr. Edgar Javier introduced Fr. Tony Pernia as his classmate, I will begin my introduction by saying that Sandra Schneiders was my professor in New Testament study—the gospel of John.

No longer will you know her as the “person behind the text” but  later you will listen to her –“the person in front of the text.

Sandra Marie Schneiders, a member of Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Monroe, Michigan, USA,  is currently a professor emerita at the Jesuit School of Theology, member school of the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California. She is a professor in New Testament studies and Christian Spirituality at Jesuit School of Theology Santa Clara University, the Jesuit University in Silicon Valley. Her education includes a B.A. at Marygrove College; M.A at University of Detroit; Licentiate in Sacred Theology at Institut Catholique de Paris and a Doctorate in Sacred Theology at Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome—the second woman to earn a doctorate at this predominantly male-centered university.

She has published numerous works on spirituality, feminism and theology, to name a few:

Revelatory Text: Interpreting the New Testament as Sacred Scripture (1999)

Written that You May Believe: Encountering Jesus in the Fourth Gospel (2003)

Jesus Risen in Our Midst: Essays on the Resurrection of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel (2014)—MOST RECENT

On Feminism…

Women and the Word: The Gender of God in the NT and the Spirituality of Women (1986)

With Oil in their Lamps: Faith, Feminism and the Future (2000)

Beyond Patching: Faith and Feminism in the Catholic Church (1991)

Early Publication on Religious Life:  New Wineskins: Re-Imagining Religious Life Today (1986)

Prophets in their Own Country: Women Religious Bearing Witness  to the Gospel in a Troubled Church (2011)


Finding the Treasure: Locating Catholic Religious Life in a New Ecclesial and Cultural Context (2000)

Selling All: Commitment, Consecrated Celibacy, and Community in Catholic Religious Life (2001)

Buying the Field: Catholic Religious Life in Mission to the World (Religious Life in a New Millenium) (2013)

In 2006, a volume of essays was published in her honor, entitled Exploring Christian Spirituality— to quote, “Sandra Schneiders commands respect as one of the most significant and influential figures in the emergence of the study of Christian spirituality as an academic discipline, as the focused and disciplined exploration of religious experience.”

In the same year 2006, Professor Schneiders won the John Courtney Murray Award, the highest honor given by the Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA)

Her track record of a distinguished teaching career and scholarly work is widely known and acclaimed among the intellectual circles in North America and elsewhere in the world. And now she is in the Asian milieu.  She is breathing the Asian, particularly Philippine air (hopefully, minus the pollution), walking on Philippine soil (so far in ICLA landscape), and encounter Asian contexts, particularly the religious women and men who are here to awaken the world.

Women and Men Religious as well as committed lay people with a religious heart, I have the honor to introduce to you our speaker for today, Sr. Sandra Schneiders, IHM – she will rock your world so that you can wake up the world.



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