Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Theology, Major in Missiology

The growth of the Church in the third world, especially in Asia and the Pacific, gives her the challenge to provide personnel who will help maintain and promote its growth along the theological reflections of the FABC. One way of assisting the Church in this process of growth is Missiology. The Missiology Program aims to form missiologists and missionaries who will be instrumental in the service of God’s Reign, especially in the Philippines, Asia and the Pacific. In particular, the Program aims to equip the students with theoretical and practical skills on how to “dialogue with life” that is, in dialogue with other cultures, with the poor and marginalized, and with peoples of other religious traditions.

Plan of Studies
First Year: First Semester
Philosophy of Culture 3 units
Christianity and World Religions 3 units
Contemporary Mission Situation 3 units
Advanced Research Methods 3 units
First Year: Second Semester
Sociology of Religion 3 units
Mission and Environment 3 units
Theology of Religious Pluralism 3 units
Advanced Statistical Methods 3 units
Second Year: First Semester
Eco-Feminist Philosophy 3 units
Spirituality of World Religions 3 units
Mission and Globalization 3 units
One foreign (ancient) language (can be taken outside ICLA) 3 units
Second Year: Second Semester
Theology of Culture 3 units
Interreligious Theology of Dialogue 3 units
The Golden Rule in the World of Religions 3 units
One foreign (ancient) language (can be taken outside ICLA) 3 units
Third Year
Dissertation 12 units