Doctor of Philosophy in Theology, Major in Consecrated Life

ICLA’s Doctorate program for specialization in Theology of Consecrated Life is designed to equip and train men and women to continue the reflection in faith on Consecrated Life in its various aspects (VC, n.13) in a systematic, dynamic, dialogical and creative manner. The program’s vision is integrative. Consecrated Life is studied in its essential relationships with the other forms of Christian life in the Church, especially the lay and the ordained ministry. The theological approach is interdisciplinary. Anthropology, History, Sociology, Psychology, and other human sciences are engaged with a view to a fuller understanding and living of the Christian discipleship according to the evangelical counsels. The main context of the study and reflection in faith is Asia. The objective is to achieve a form of Consecrated Life that is simultaneously Christian and rooted in the cultural and spiritual traditions of Asia.

Plan of Studies
First Year: First Semester
Philosophy of Culture 3 units
Contemporary Mission Situation 3 units
History of Consecrated Life II: from the Origins to the Mendicant Orders 3 units
Advanced Research Methods 3 units
First Year: Second Semester
Sociology of Religion 3 units
History of Consecrated Life III: from the Regular Clerics to Vatican II 3 units
Theology of Consecrated Life III: Identity of Consecrated Life 3 units
Advanced Statistical Methods 3 units
Second Year: First Semester
Eco-Feminist Philosophy 3 units
Advanced Spiritual Accompaniment 3 units
Anthropology and Consecrated Life 3 units
One foreign (ancient) language (can be taken outside ICLA)  3 units
Second Year: Second Semester
Advanced Formation in Religious Life 3 units
Doing Theology of Consecrated Life in Asia 3 units
Contemplation and Mysticism in the Christian Tradition 3 units
One foreign (ancient) language (can be taken outside ICLA) 3 units
Third Year
Dissertation 12 units