Master of Arts in Theology, Major in Spirituality

The program is directed towards the formation, education and training of religious/lay men and women in the area of Christian spirituality and spiritual accompaniment. In the light of the changing times and the emerging needs of our societies, particularly in Asia, the Church continues to play a major role in the guidance and formation of its members. The M.A. Program in spirituality is designed to provide a fundamental theoretical framework as well as an affective knowledge and praxis of Christian Spirituality within the context of Asia.

The 1999 Asian Synod has sounded a call “to train priests and religious who are men and women of God, devoted to prayer and living deep spiritual lives who are able to guide and accompany others in their road to God.” To address this call and to extend the challenge to lay people as well, the Course aims to equip consecrated men and women and lay partners with the necessary knowledge and skills to address the needs of the faithful who continue to search for God and for meaningful ways in responding to the Christian call.

Plan of Studies
First Year: First Semester
Exploring the Bible I: Old Testament 3 units
Introduction to Theology: Dynamics of Revelation and Faith 3 units
Research Methodology I 3 units
Christology I: Witness of Gospel and Discipleship 3 units
Ecclesiology I: Community of Faith and Discipleship 3 units
First Year: Second Semester
Asian Social Anthropology 3 units
Exploring the Bible II: New Testament 3 units
Research Methodology II: Statistics 3 units
Christology II: Conciliar Teaching and Theologians 3 units
Ecclesiology II: Forms of Christian Life in the Church 3 units
Second Year: First Semester
Fundamentals of Christian Spiritualities 3 units
Anthropology of Religion 3 units
Moral Theology: Giving Witness to Our Faith 3 units
Theology of Mission 3 units
Psalms 3 units
Second Year: Second Semester
Asian Spirituality 3 units
Spirituality and Practice 3 units
Mission Spirituality 3 units
Contemporary Spirituality 3 units
Communion and Community in Consecrated Life 3 units
Third Year: First Semester
Theology of Consecrated Life II: Evangelical Counsels 3 units
History of Christian Spiritualities  3 units
Spirituality and Environment: JPIC 3 units
Pneumatology: Theology of Charism 3 units
Spirituality of the Priesthood  3 units
Third Year: Second Semester
Prophecy and Mysticism 3 units
Biblical Spirituality  3 units
Spiritality and Gender  3 units
Eastern Christian Spiritual Tradition  3 units
Spirituality of Laity  3 units
*Note: All M.A. Programs have Thesis and Non-Thesis options.