The Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA), in its commitment to be of service to the Churches in Asia in the area of ongoing formation and in its desire to reach out more to dioceses and religious congregations of limited material resources, offers, with the help of its benefactors and sponsors, scholarship grants. These grants are primarily intended for ordained ministers, religious men and women, and lay people who need further academic formation in preparation for ministries such as formation, teaching, leadership, and pastoral ministry. The invitation to avail of the ICLA Scholarship Program is addressed primarily to local ordinaries and major religious superiors. They may request for scholarship grants on behalf of priests and lay people in their dioceses or of members of their congregations or provinces. Requests for scholarship grants on the part of priests, lay persons, and religious who wish to study in ICLA will also be entertained. In this case, they are required to present a letter of intent (see below) and a letter of permission from their respective bishops or major superiors.



The scholarship grant covers the tuition fees and board and lodging expenses for two school-years, excluding summer, i.e. April and May. Hence, it does not cover visa and immigration fees, living allowance, travelling expenses, hospitalization, and other personal expenses.


Procedures, Qualifications, Requirements

The letter of request by local ordinaries and major superiors must include the following:

  • Name of the priest/religious/lay person on whose behalf the scholarship grant is sought;
  • Vocational status (ordained/perpetually or temporally professed/lay);
  • Responsibility in the diocese or in the congregation;
  • Highest academic achievement; and
  • The course he/she intends to take (see ICLA brochure).


The recipient of/applicant for a scholarship grant is expected to present a letter of intent which includes:

  • The reason for the request of a scholarship grant,
  • His/her choice of study program or course, the reason for the choice, and the reason for studying at ICLA;
  • Commitment to enroll as a full-time student in his/her chosen two-year licentiate or MA program; and
  • Commitment to live in the Institute’s residence for students and actively take part in the community life.


He/she must also fill up the “personal and educational background form”, which can be down-loaded from the ICLA website (http://icla.org.ph).

The letter of request is to be presented at least six months before the beginning of the school-year, which begins in June.

For the admission qualifications and requirements, please see checklist below:

  • Letter of Intent from the Applicant
  • Written permission/endorsement from the respective Superior or Local Ordinary
  • Application for Admission for Graduate Studies
  • Two (2) Recommendations for Graduate Admission
  • Personal Essay
  • Copy of Diploma or Certificate of Graduation
  • Copy of Transcript of Records and its English translation, bearing the original signature of the Registrar and school seal and authenticated by the Philippine Embassy in the country of origin
  • Recommendation Letter from school where the beneficiary has taken English studies.
  • Passport photocopy (bio page and page of valid visa)
  • Immigration Card photocopy
  • 5 copies of (2 x 2) and 2 copies of (1 x 1) ID photos
  • Application fee of P500.00


Note: Applicants for scholarship must not be more than 40 years of age.

The ICLA scholar enjoys full-time membership in the ICLA community and is, therefore, expected to commit himself/herself to take part actively in the community life, observing house rules and sharing in household tasks and responsibilities.

ICLA is also a place of on-going formation and, therefore, the scholar is expected to be active in the formation process.

Neglect in the fulfillment of the above-mentioned expectations will result to revocation of the scholarship grant.