The Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA) is an academic-formative community of higher learning in doing Theology, lived Spirituality and Mission, serving a multicultural student population (Religious, lay leaders, ministers and priests), from emergent Churches particularly in Asia. Faithful to its Christian identity and evangelizing mission, it is equally concerned with the integral well-being of its partners and stakeholders (administrators, faculty and staff).

Vission-Mission 01


The Institute provides academic-formative programs focused on discipleship through different forms of Christian life for Religious, Lay leaders, Ministers and Priests. Rooted in the living tradition of the Church and in dialogue with Asian cultures, spiritualities, and the poor, it

■ Educates for competent service in the Church through theological reflection, formation and accompaniment, missionary skills and community building

■ Promotes a deep sense of vocation and commitment to mission in a multicultural environment

■ Seeks to form its students in gospel values expressed through compassionate service and friendship with the marginalized

■ Explore one’s relationship with humanity and the rest of Creation in mutual respect and actively practices ecological stewardship

■ Fosters openness to the transforming power of the Spirit of God through lived spirituality

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To attain its objectives, ICLA integrates academic learning and formative processes within a supportive community atmosphere. Through the Center for Accompaniment, Renewal and Empowerment of Students (CARES), itfacilitates the following activities:

■ Prayer and Sacramental Life

■ Days of Renewal and Refreshment (Recollections/Retreats)

■ Spiritual Accompaniment

■ In-house Community Services

■ Conferences/Workshops on Formation Issues

■ Exposure/Immersion.